Thursday, December 29, 2016

Hairstyles for Locs (Dreadlocks) When You Just Need A Change

1.  Vintage Updo

Do this easy updo by folding a bandana in half, then using the opposite ends to make a knot. After making the knot, put your hair in a high bun or high ponytail (or a low bun or ponytail). * If you have bangs, fold them back and tuck beneath the bandana for a bumped look.

2. Tuck Your Locs in a Hairband

Simply tuck your locs into the headband to achieve said look.

3. A Flower Crown

A simple flower crown will do.
- Combine looks and tuck your loss into a headband and then put a flower crown on top

4.  Double Buns Half Up-do
Decide how big you want the double buns to be (for thicker ones, add an extra section of locs ). 

5. Braided Crown

1. Begin to braid the locs on each side of your head (I start where my hair is parted).
2. Where each braid ends, tie it off with a hairband.
3. Use bobby pinks to secure the braids to the back of your head.

Ta-da! Enjoy these 5 hairstyles!

God bless, you guys!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Bohemian Inspiration

Hey guys! I'm so sorry this post is so long overdue. I've been so busy with a sudden influx of work. 

1. Try a kimono
 -- They're light and summery and perfect to get those floral patterns into
2.  Try a long sweater with an aztec print

3. Or a scarf

4. Or just go all out with a scarf and an animal/and or Aztec print

God bless!