Thursday, April 21, 2016

Locking Relaxed Hair with Braidlocs

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Yes! Here is the post I first mentioned in my last post Warm & Cozy and Subtly Geeky about what I'm doing with my hair.  This post is all about locking my hair!

The Beginning of my Locking Process: 
From the picture above, it probably looks like my hair is just braided....and it was. The thing is, if you leave the hair braided for some time, it will eventually lock hence the term braidlocs.
Usually, people with looser-textured natural hair lock their hair with braids. Well, my hair was mostly relaxed except for the new growth so it didn't seem like a bad idea to at least attempt braidlocs. I figured at that point in time that even if my relaxed portion wouldn't lock, I'd just grow it out and cut the relaxed ends off eventually. (But I'm not even worrying about it. Everything is in God's hands).  

How my Relaxed hair was Braided:
First and foremost, my mother braided it. We used Qhemet Biologics Olive & Honey Hydrating Balm which held despite my hair being so straight and little black elastic bands to hold the very tips of the braids just in case. Just so you know, the bands were unnecessary! They popped right off and went springing across the room. My advice: don't even bother. Just use the Qhemet, is my suggestion.

What I Used: Qhemet Biologics Olive & Honey Hydrating Balm

The Tedious Parts:
Hey, I'll tell you now that if your hair is really, really straight in some areas the braid will most likely begin to unravel. When that began to happen, I started backcombing them. Backcombing is simply combing upwards instead of downwards, causing knots instead of loosening them. Also, you may see loose parts in the braid where you can see teeny holes because it isn't holding. As irritating as that is, don't worry if you're planning to just chop it off. I paid more attention to the natural part of my hair that had no problems because it was thick and curly.

How I Maintain My Hair: 
  1. Water: I've been spritzing my hair with water almost every day. It's a MUST to keep your locs healthy.
  2. Oiling: I've been using jojoba. Make sure the jojoba is real/not mixed with other ingredients to ensure that your hair stays healthy! People sometimes add fillers to oil to save themselves money. 
  3. Washing: YES! Wash your hair! Having locs doesn't mean being gross! Your hair needs to be cleaned so it doesn't become gross and well....a health hazard. 
    1. When I wash my hair I don't use a stocking or anything like others do with their starter locs. I just asked for some Trader Joe's Tree Tingle and for the first month and a half just washed my scalp, allowing how hair to just be pelted by spray of water from the shower. Since I will need to eventually deep clean my hair, I will be using TJ's Tree Tingle on the rest of my hair pretty soon.
  4. Palmrolling vs Freeforming: I've been freeforming actually. I didn't know whether or not I'll begin to palm roll or not because I actually love the thickness and freedom of freeforming! In fact, I would've freeformed my hair entirely (started without braids), but I started with braids because freeforming is risky when you want to make sure every one of your locs are a uniform size.  I did not want very small and very large locs at my head all at once.
    1. Since I freeform, I've been in the habit of separating my locs. If you don't want one big loc, I highly recommend it.

Below is a picture of me now:

Seven weeks into locking my hair!
Progress of my Locs:
They've frizzed a lot and are swelling up, a definite sign of progress! I'm not sure when my hair will be fully locked but I look forward to the journey!

Thanks for stopping by!

If you've locked your hair with a relaxer and have tips or stories to share, comment! And of course, comment with any questions you may have!


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