Sunday, April 17, 2016

Warm & Cozy and Subtly Geeky

Hello geeky lovelies!

How are you? Me? I...I'm a busy, busy bee. Meanwhile brainstorming content for this site and trying to come up with fashionable outfits (because I've been more concerned with being warm lately than being fashionable), I have also been trying to factor in housework, reading, writing, homework and everything in between. No complaints! I'm blessed. I just need more content to share.

ANY-WHO!!!,  Remember that tidbit about being warm? Yeah. That must have been my subconscious focus today because not only did I wear a Heattech turtleneck (courtesy of Uniqlo) but I also put on a plaid hoodie . Don't ask. It wasn't even cold here, but that's what I wore out. Ironic, isn't it? The day it's warm, I decide to get cozy and warm.
"What are the glasses for?" You ask. Nothing much. Just to add a subtle geeky flare. 

Well, that's my spiel for the day! Thanks for checking it out!

Bye guys!

P.S: My glasses are fake!

Follow up to know my lipstick + a review and what I'm doing with my hair since I've kicked my relaxer goodbye! (Ooh! I'm so excited)

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