Saturday, July 15, 2017


Hello darlings,

Sorry for not responding in a while. I've been doing many, many things. School has me working over time, not to mention my jobs.

Well I guess I should update you on a few things...

1. I took my locs out

I took them out around February because they weren't going to turn out the way I wanted them to. Oh well... I actually love having my hair out. Gives me time to experiment and even press it out.

2. I'm practicing Minimalism

No, I don't mean the fashion trend. (Although I do love the Minimalist Fashion style. You will be seeing it on my blog).
I mean I'm trying to LIVE as a minimalist.
I love clothes. I really do, but I do NOT need all of the ones I have. They've been spilling out of my drawers and I'd rather have some space than a pile of clothes I do NOT need. I've also found a LOT of other things that are better off tossed such as mismatched earrings. Ooh. They've been cluttering on the dresser!
I've also been trying to buy less from this endeavor which is sometimes hard when you like to spend on nice things.

3. Delicious Foods

On another note, this is the year I've begun to try out new foods around where I live. A couple of Thai dessert places have moved in as well as some other yummy food spots and I plan to talk about them as well.

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